A Man of Honor & Integrity

a biography of a Cuban Cartoonist 

Our Dear Antonio 

Nuestro Querido Antonio

Antonio was born on November 26, 1920 in Havana, Cuba and died on March 17, 1972 in Miami, Florida. He was an Editorial Cartoonist, an Artist, and an Illustrator.  Professionally known as "Antonio". 

Antonio attended Los Maristas School in Havana, Cuba. After graduating he entered the University of Havana, where he majored in Accounting. But his passion was Art. After graduating from the University of Havana he was hired as n administrator at Nuestra Señora del Pilar Clinic in Havana, he was 23 years old.

At 25 years of age he was discovered by the renowned Cuban Cartoonist Conrado Massaguer. This began his professional career as an Editorial Cartoonist. 

Antonio artistic career expanded 26 years and included the following:

Cuba 1945 to 1961 He worked as an editorial cartoonist and illustrator in the following newspapers and magazines: Zig Zag, Avance, Bohemia, El Crisol, Infomacion, Pueblo, Prensa Libre, and Diario de la Marina. He received the following Honors:  Illustrious Juan Gualberto Gomez Prize for Exceptional Editorial Artistic work 5 times. He won the prize for Best Caricature for the Lion's Club of Havana. He was the founder and President of the "Asociacion de Caricaturistas de Cuba" and he also served as Vice President and Treasurer of the "Colegio de Periodistas de La Habana, Cuba".

In 1959, After Fidel Castro had taken over the island of Cuba, He did a cartoon against Castro, which was published in Zig Zag Magazine which critized and spoke against Castro's persecution and repression of free press. This cartoon was "Los Bombines". Both Rubio and Zig Zag Magazine were severely attacked by the Castro regime for two years and consequently Castro closed most newspapers and free press. Only the communist government newspapers and literatures were allowed.

Due to the heavy persecution of free press most cartoonist left Cuba. Antonio V Rubio Nuñez was one of them. Arriving in Miami, Florida on July 15, 19612 with his wife, Berta Levy and his 8-year-old daughter, Vivian.

In the United States, Antonio continued to work as an editorial cartoonist. He worked for Zig Zag Magazine (in Exile), AIP, The Voice Newspaper, and the Miami Herald (free Lance). He also worked as a personal cartoonist and illustrator for the American Club, the Jamaica Inn, and many private sponsors. In October 1967 He won the honored "Mergenthaler Prize", which is the Hispanic version of the Pulitzer prize for an editorial cartoon which as published in the AIP.

On a personal level Antonio was a loving and caring so to his parents, Remigio and Luz Maria who passed away in Cuba. He was a loving husband to Berta his wife of 17 years who died on April 8, 1967; and a loving and caring father to his daughter, Vivian.

He was a man of honor and integrity, who valued freedom of expression and revered and loved God. He died on March 17, 1972 of a cardiac arrest in Miami, Florida.

His worked can be viewed at the "Cuban Heritage Collection" in the library of the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida.


Exclusive Art 


From Left to right top: Carlos Mestre, Miami Herald Reporter and Niko Luhrsen

Bottom from left to right: Manuel Roseñada and Antonio Rubio


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